White horses and Whisky stashes aboard Saga

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Mon 12th February 2007
Lat 52 23S Long 112 50W
Miles To Norfolk, USA: 8,538 nm
Distance In 24 Hours: 264.8 nm
Average Speed In 24 Hours: 11.03 knots

Since his recent problems with his mainsail, Sir Robin has been making steady gains on the 2 boats in front of him and over the weekend SAGA stole back 4th place in the race. For the last 4 days, SAGA has been averaging at least 2 knots more than the boats in front. In terms of distance to finish, SAGA is now 39 miles ahead of ‘A Southern Man – AGD’ and now just 40 miles behind 3rd placed ‘Pakea’. Despite sailing blind without weather information, having lost use of some of his headsails and starting out 78 hours after the rest of the fleet at the beginning of the leg, Sir Robin remains a contender.

“Having dispersed to their various pastures, the white horses are gathering again. Not sure where from, the last forecast I received is now 24 hours old from NZ, and nothing is coming in from S.America, so all I really know is that there is a high north of us but last I heard it was extending so to be avoided. SAGA and I are clear of the last wayline so can set what course we wish again towards Cape Horn.”

“Not much action to-day, the usual chores and watching the barometer and wind which is now slightly north of west. Our group of three boats has closed up, we are all now within 50 miles of each other but that’s beyond VHF range so no contact.”

“Good news, found two more bottles of whiskey which I had hidden in my spare boots and forgotten, so supplies are ok. 4 bottles consumed in 4 weeks which is abstemious and may not be good for my health but got to make them last. RKJ”