45ft sperm whale dies on Kent beach


A giant sperm whale has died after being washed up on a Kent beach.

Coastguards were alerted on Thursday morning when the 45ft beast first appeared at Pegwell Bay, between Ramsgate (pictured in the background above) and Sandwich.

A rescue was attempted, but after an examination of the animal at low tide, its death was confirmed.

Scientists blame whale beachings on rough weather, old age, hunting too close to the shore and navigation errors.

The MCA is warning the public to keep clear of the whale, as they are carriers of tuberculosis.

A spokesman said: ‘Our advice is to stay away as much as possible. It could be dangerous due to bacteria and it will probably get quite smelly.

‘As the tide was on the flood, the advice was to leave it to see what happened when the water flooded around it.

‘It now appears to be completely expired.’

Experts from the Natural History Museum will now conduct an autopsy on the sperm whale to determine the cause of death.

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