Bad weather defeated comedian Tim FitzHigham's attempt to cross the Channel in a copper bathtub yesterday

Comedian Tim FitzHigham’s attempt to cross the Channel in a copper bathtub ended in defeat yesterday. The 28 year-old from Little Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, planned to row his unusual craft from Folkestone to Cap Gris Nez in support of the charity Sport Relief, but was forced to abandon the venture due to bad weather.

Strong winds and adverse tide blew the unusual vessel off course towards Spain, causing the support team to call off the attempt. FitzHigham had rowed 17 miles in five hours, and could see France on the horizon as he pulled the plug on his record dreams. He commented: ‘It’s very disheartening because we got so close but couldn’t finish. The bathtub was not designed for this sort of weather.’

The Metro-sponsored comedian has vowed to make another attempt.