'Clearly we could have done a better job in organising the starting sequence'

Rod Nicholls, Rear Commodore of the the Island Sailing Club replied to the critics as follow:

‘Everyone involved in the organisation and running of the 2006 JPMAM Round the Island Race understands and shares the frustration experienced by the large number of mainly ISC Rated boats who failed to complete the race on Saturday.

That there are some aspects of the race over which we have little control. We can’t control the wind and we do have a limited choice of race weekends and resulting tidal conditions. However, as many have pointed out, it’s all the more important that we get things right in the areas over which we do have some control. This year, for some of you at least, we didn’t. Clearly we could have done a better job in organising the starting sequence to allow for possible problems with the later classes in light airs and, for those concerned, we would like to extend our sincerest apologies.

Even after 75 years running this great race, this year’s experience shows that we have something to learn and room for improvement. Thank you all for your comments, both good and bad. Please keep them coming. I promise you we will listen to each and every one . We will then let you know what steps we are taking to ensure that we give ALL competitors the best possible chance of an exciting and enjoyable race in 2007.’