Now embarking on national book tour

Teenage circumnavigator Jessica Watson is settling back into normal life after completing her voyage on May 15.

The Australian 17-year-old has just begun a promotional tour in her own country for her book True Spirit, which tells the tale of her youngest, non-stop and solo sail around the world.

The book reveals many of the events Watson encountered at sea and documents the highs and lows of achieving her dream.

Despite the tour Watson claims life has settled and she has been able to focus on ‘normal’ teenage activities, such as getting her driving licence and finishing high school.

She said: ‘I’ve been getting back into some maths study and I’ll hopefully finish science by the end of the year too. I’m a bit behind and I’ve got
some catching up to do.’

She added that after her Australian book tour has finished, she will then promote it overseas, including a probable visit to the UK.

Dutch 14-year-old Laura Dekker is currently sailing from the Netherlands to Portugal, from where she will begin her trip to attempt to beat Watson’s record.