Watch the Blue Water Rally transit the Panama Canal - live!

The yachts taking part in the Blue Water Rally are currently transiting the Panama Canal, which, as anyone who has passed through the canal will testify, is no small undertaking in a small craft. At around 2200 UTC yesterday the first wave of BWR yachts, rafted together in 5 groups of three, ascended the three stages of the Gatun Locks, after which they moored up for the night in the Gatun Lake. At around 1800UTC tonight they will begin their descent, through the Pedro Miguel and Miraflores locks to the Pacific Ocean – with much celebration!

You can follow their progress on the live webcams that overlook the locks at Gatun and Miraflores and on the new Centennial Bridge (just before Pedro Miguel and Miraflores). While the yachts will be negotiating Gatun Lock very late at night, the first wave of yachts should be visible at the Centennial Bridge from 1600 tonight and the second from the same time on Wednesday. They should then be visible from a little before the scheduled time at Miraflores Lock.

First transit Sunday 27 January:Gatun Locks2200 – 0100 Z, then throughMiraflores(into the Pacific)Monday 28 January 1800 – 2100 Z

1. Fine Fleur, Zipadedoda, Penelope
2. Baccus, Big Blue, Stargazer
3. Rascal, Jenny, Tapestry,
4. Shaula, Hakuna Matata, Paramour de Mer
5. Anahi, Blue Raven, Canopus

Second Transit: Tuesday 29 JanuaryGatun Locks2200 – 0100Z, then throughMiraflores(into the Pacific)Wednesday 30 January 1800 – 2100Z

1. Cayuco, Kaimin, Glendora
2. Lousill, Pelle V, Our Island
3. Moonshadow, Talismano,Marianne
4. Miss Styx, Heidenskip
5. Neva, Spectra, Happy Wanderer

Visit the Blue Water Rally website for information and links to the webcams, or go direct to the Panama Canal Live website to view the cameras.