Cobra & Seawolf Owners Association up-and-running again

The newly reformed Cobra & Seawolf Owners Association is now recruiting members and all interested YM readers are invited to join.

The club was originally formed in September 1999 for the benefit of all owners of Cobra and Seawolf Yachts. Its purpose is to form a knowledge base where members/owners can share information, experience, and ideas on all subjects relating to these yachts. The association has the full approval of Cobra/Seawolf designer David Feltham.

The website has been unmanned since around 2001 but a couple of die-hard Cobra owners, Phil Hopcroft & Charles Walker, took advantage of their landlocked status to persevere with its technicalities, finally resurrecting it this summer.

Anyone interested in joining the Cobra & Seawolf Association should contact them direct via their website at