Fleet 800 miles form India finish line

The organisers of the round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race have warned those taking part to be extra-vigilant ahead of their arrival in the Indian port of Kochi after a series of co-ordinated attacks in Mumbai.

‘The stakeholders of the Volvo Ocean Race in Kochi are currently being informed of the situation and advised to be extra vigilant with security,’ the organisers said.

‘The organisers of the Volvo Ocean Race have been monitoring the developments in Mumbai and have sought advice from their various security consultants as to what actions, if any, the race should be taking,’ they said.

The eight-strong racing fleet was 800 nautical miles from the finish line of the race’s second leg in Kochi, 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) south of Mumbai, they said.

‘The risk of terrorism in Kochi was previously at the “underlying threat” level. Currently no upgrade of terrorist threat level has been made for the city of Kochi following the developments in Mumbai,’ the statement added.

Some 400 people, including crew, organisers and accompanying media are expected to arrive in Kochi as early as Sunday.

The second stage of the eight-yacht race started in Cape Town, South Africa on November 15.