Lowestoft hive of activity as Sea Stallion prepares for voyage

The replica Viking warshipSea Stallionis currently in Lowestoft and is preparing for sea.

Skipper Vibeke Bischoff explained the team’s plans. “This weekend will be used to make the ship ready for the voyage across the North Sea,” she said. “We’ll start by emptying the whole ship, taking out personal effects – get the whole damn lot out, also those salami and mackerel salad sandwiches that are right at the bottom.”

During the weekend the whole ship will have a thorough check-up so it is well prepared for the demanding trip home to Denmark.

“When do we leave for Denmark?” one of the crew asked. “Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, depending on the weather,” answered Vibeke Bischoff. “We must also greet 16 new crew on Saturday evening and say goodbye to 16 of the old crew on Sunday.”

The ship, a replica of a warship excavated in the 1960s, is part-way through a voyage from Wicklow, Ireland to Roskilde, Denmark. Keep up with their progress on the Sea Stallion website.