Sea Stallion heads up channel

The replica Viking warship, Sea Stallion, is due to leave Portsmouth today. It was exhibited at the Historic Dockyard over the weekend in a break from its voyage en route to Roskilde, Denmark.

Thousands of visitors came to visit the Sea Stallion as she took pride of place beside Queen Victoria’s warship, HMS Warrior over the weekend. She arrived on Friday after a difficult voyage from Wicklow, Ireland, during which rough seas forced a stopover in Torquay. Skipper Carsten Hvid told the BBC: “It was quite rough, with most of the swell on the beam so we had to bail out about 18-20 tonnes of water. We decided to go in to Torquay because of the south-west gale. We were very down, but everyone is happy now.”

The Sea Stallion was built with traditional materials in Roskilde and is based on an original vessel which was unearthed there in the 1950s.

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