See Vendee underdog being greeted by his wife

The story of Steve White, the skipper ofToe In the Water, who took just over 109 days to complete the Vendee Globe around the world yacht race – his first racing circumnavigation – continues to enthrall. Video footage of his arrival has been posted on the internet and is being widely downloaded.

Speaking as he arrived in Les Sable d’Olonnes, he said: “I cannot believe how many people have come out to see me – it’s really quite weird. There are people all over my boat.

“God knows what they must think about me, a bloke from Dorset, standing waving like a muppet. I enjoyed every minute of the event though. It was a brilliant experience. I went into the race with certain expectations, but every one of them has been exceeded.

“It’s incredible to be where I am position-wise, but it takes a bit of getting used to being here at the expense of so many other people who have gone out in various unfortunate ways. It’s incredible though, if I had the money and entries were open I’d be paying now to secure my slot for next time.”

When asked what his intentions were being back on dry land, White, the fourth and final Briton to cross the finishing line, said: “I’m looking forward to finding somewhere quiet and have a pint.”