Revolutionary trimaran the fastest sailboat over a mile

Last Tuesday 24 April, the World Sailing speed record Council ratified both world records beaten by l’Hydroptère on Wednesday 4th April.

The revolutionary French trimaran is now officially the fastest sailing vehicle over one nautical mile with an average speed of 41.69 knots (Bjorn Dunkerbeck’s average speed was 41.14 knots when he beat this record in 2006 on a sailboard).

l’Hydroptère also adds to her victories the speed record over 500 meters in category D (sail surface area over 27.88 m²) with an average speed of 44.81 knots. Since 1997, this record has been held by catamaran Techniques Avancées with an average speed of 42.12 knots.

The accurate and reliable measurements supplied by partners Topo and Trimble for speed measurements and Ifremer for current measurements have contributed to accelerate the ratification from WSSRC.

Far from resting on their laurels Alain Thébault and his crew are left La Trinité-sur-Mer’s marina for Plymouth for training sessions last week; they hope to beat the 3 ocean navigation records targeted and then try to beat the 24 hour record.

To see fantastic video footage of the successful record attempt, click here