Two very different 10ft Ocean racer designs released

Two boat designers from opposite sides of the globe have designed very different 10ft Cruisers for the ‘Around In Ten’ round the world race.

Briton Paul Fisher’s “Micro 10″(left); has a full length keel with a single sail Delta Rig. The design uses freshwater ballast which doubles up as drinking water – as it is consumed it is replaced by salt water ballast.

By contrast, New Zealander John Welsford’s design, the “Gimli” (right) carries a sloop rig with a high tech canting keel. She is designed to be built from composite materials and sleeps two.

Although very different in their approach both boats are designed to be built by amateurs intent on ocean transits.

Circumnavigating the globe in a 10ft boat might not be every body’s idea of an enjoyable sail, but both designers are thinking of safety. They have both incorporated a feature not normally available on larger boats; they can be sailed completely from inside the enclosed cabin. This reduces the need and risk of going on deck during bad weather.

More info on these designs here