MarineTrack sponsor and track exploration mission

James Hooper and Rob Gauntlett, two 19 year olds from the UK, have embarked on a journey from the Geomagnetic North Pole to the South Pole using only human and natural power. The youngsters are being sponsored and tracked by MarineTrack.

Rob and James arrived at the North Pole on Saturday 7th April at 22.00hrs after seven days of dog sleighing. They have already been introduced to bear tracks and their Inuit guides have been shooting Muskox for food.

Their groundbreaking adventure will be a combination of walking, skiing, cycling and sailing, all tracked by the MT system. The whole journey will cover 20,000 miles over 3 continents and is estimated to take 10 months to complete; this epic journey will be equivalent to around 40 marathons back to back.

The pair started their duo expedition on Sunday April 8, carrying 200lb’s of kit on sledge without assistance. This voyage will test all limits of ability on every level. They will move onto the sailing leg in a 50 foot cutter vessel with a steel hull, suitable for navigating through glacial sea conditions. On land they will be travelling by bike, high tech bespoke titanium no less, travelling around 14,000 miles in all.

Their efforts and dedication are a true reflection of that great British spirit of exploration, and the young pioneers will be raising money for the Prince’s Trust.

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