All of America celebrating

Two more Jester Challenge participants have completed their Atlantic crossings.

Tony Head, aboard Triple Venture, a 28-foot Twister, and Swiss entrant Thomas Jucker (pictured) on Marta, a 28-foot Bristol Channel Cutter, both arrived in Newport, Rhode Island, yesterday.

Tony reported that ‘the whole of the United States of America is celebrating’ although this was probably less to do with the two men’s arrivals and more that their appearances coincided with the annual fourth of July festivities.

Last weekend Igor Zaretskiy on his Peterson 25, The Grand, Rory McDougall on his 21-foot Wharram Tiki, Cooking Fat, and Roger Fitzgerald on Ella Trout III, a Dehler 29, became the first three finishers of the challenge, which is a solo, Atlantic non-race for boats under 30-feet, that has so far seen 12 of the 24 starters retire.