Sailing from Cowes to Stockholm in a classic

Three young yachtsmen will recreate Uffa Fox‘s 1,000 mile 1930 journey from Cowes to Stockholm after being challenged by the Scandinavian Classic Yacht Trust.

Luke Yeates, Jack Gifford and Will Shepherd will sail Vixen, a 1937 classic yacht, to Sweden from August 3-6 to arrive before the start of the Trosa Tullgarn Royal Palace Regatta.

The crew have also agreed to assist with an environmental, scientific study during their journey from the Solent to the Baltic.

They will record the visibility and the presence of seaweed, plankton and debris in the water and take water samples for the Stockholm Marine Research Centre, which aims to better understand the conditions that cause Baltic beaches to be adversely affected by annual algae blooms.

Olle Appelberg, executive director of the Scandinavian Classic Yacht Trust, said: ‘We are delighted to have our first challenger signed up.

‘The added environmental element means that as well as retracing Uffa’s historic journey, the Vixen crew will help scientists gather data to help them better understand the nature of the algae blooms that wreak havoc each year.’

The regatta forms part of a new classic series, the Baltic Classic Master Cup.

Mr Yeates, 25, said: ‘This race is unique in the challenge it offers, particularly the interesting route and heritage of the trip.

‘The freedom it allows for people to select their own yacht, route, stopovers, etc is unprecedented and makes it quite an appealing adventure, especially for a young crew.’