Legendary 40-ft out-rigger relaunched after lengthy restoration

Legendary proa Cheersis to be relaunchd on September 11 at the French port of Saint-Louis-du-Rhone following a five year restoration project.

The boat was nicknamed the ‘Giant Killer’ following her performance in the 1968 OSTAR, when skipper Tom Follett was beaten by only two monohulls – the 56’Sir Thomas Liptonand 50′ ketchVoortrekker.

Cheersthen spent 25 years languishing in an Exeter musuem. She was purchased by a team of French doctors, who, with the help of the French government, have spent thousands of pounds and hours in restoration. Although the boat was close to being a complete wreck prior to the restoration, she retains roughly 50% of her original structure and fittings.

For more on the launch, visit the French site www.adonnante.com/article/5562/Renaissance-d-une-legende