Yachts dressed for royal visit

Cowes Yacht Haven played host to Her Majesty The Queen on the final day of her nationwide Diamond Jubilee tour when she visited the marina to meet representatives of a number of locally based charities.

Under clear blue skies on July 25, the yachts in the marina were dressed and hundreds of people gathered to greet The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.

As she stepped ashore she was met by Cowes Yacht Haven’s Managing Director, Jon Pridham, and the crowd gave her a rousing cheer.

To music by a Sea Cadets band Her Majesty acknowleged the numerous sailors gathered on yachts before making her way to the Haven Events Centre where representatives of the selected charities were waiting to greet her.

During her visit The Queen spoke with representatives of:

The Sail Training Organisations

The Island Youth Water Activities Centre

Cowes Sea Cadet Corps

The Maritime Volunteer Service

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

The Sea Scouts

The RYA’s “On Board” Project

United Kingdom Sailing Academy

Cowes Sailability

The organisations share a common goal of encouraging people into sailing and use sailing and water based activities to improve the lives of individuals from all walks of life.

‘We’re thrilled to have played an important part in the final day of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations,’ said Mr Pridham. ‘The Queen has contributed so much to this country and we are honoured to have welcomed her here to Cowes Yacht Haven.’