The Bowman 42 is now avaialble for DIY completion

The idea of buying a new 42ft cruiser, built in Britain with true offshore pedigree, for less than £100,000 is laughable. Or is it?

For £98,500 (ex Vat) you can have a new Bowman 42. Though you’ll need to be handy with a jigsaw and a tube of Sikaflex. You’ll also need a very big shed and a few spare weekends.

Reacting to customer demand, the pretty and capable Bowman 42 is now available for ‘home’ completion.

The boat comes fully moulded to a very high specification, with all main and sub bulkheads bonded-in, heads modules, lead keel, rudder, engine beds and deck fitted. You also get a full set of manufacturing drawings to assist with the process.

Adrian Jones, Marketing Director of Rustler Yachts which own the Bowman brand, confirmed that two owners have already taken advantage of the offer, with one boat complete and one well on its way.

‘There is an active and growing number of people who enjoy the option of either finishing the boat themselves, or, more usually, finishing the boat in conjunction with a favoured local boat yard.’

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