British Tall Ship aids stranded French crew and sink yacht

Jubilee Sailing Trust tall shipTenaciousrescued seven crew from rudderless and drifting French yachtZoukin heavy seas last weekend before scuttling her.

Tenacious(pictured left) was headed for Antigua on a transatlantic voyage when she received the other ship’s distress call on Saturday. At around 1530hrs GMT, the ship made contact with 43-ft Sun OdysseyZouk, who had been drifting for over six days. Two of the crew transferred to the French yacht via RIB, helping her crew to rig a towing bridle and transferring three of the crew toTenacious, leaving the skipper and three crew onboard.

With no rudder to steer through the swell, the towing line was put under huge strain, and snapped on Sunday morning, leavingZoukdrifting once more.

Despite repeated attempts to tow the vessel, conditions were such that the decision was made to abandon the yacht, sinking it to prevent it from becoming a hazard to other shipping. The remaining four crew transferred toTenacious, the largest wooden tall ship of her kind in the world, and are proceeding to Antigua safely under sail.