Mystery buyer snaps up Goss' wreck for £510

The remains of Pete GossTeam Philips catamaran have been sold to a mystery buyer on eBay for £510.

The 40ft section of the hull, weighing six tonnes, has been displayed at Falmouth Docks for the last five years, after Mike Reynolds, the port’s operations manager, saved it from being destroyed.

The carbon fibre fragment washed up in Ireland after the 120ft catamaran suffered structural failures in the North Atlantic on March 29 2000 and broke up.

The auction was launched in aid of Shelterbox with bidding starting last month at £30 and ending on Monday.

Mr Reynolds refused to reveal the new owner’s identity, but said that he hoped that ‘this guy has a big garden’.

He said: ‘We will load it for him, but he will have to come and collect it.

‘I am very pleased that someone wants it and that hopefully they are going to preserve it.’

The hull section has more than 4,000 names of organisations, schools, companies and individuals on it, who paid to sponsor the boat’s construction.

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