The giant cat is suffering structural problems

January 18,2001 — Today Team Adventure suffered a serious setback sailing in The Race. While sailing off a large wave, Team Adventure suffered a structural problem. The fairing at the forward starboard side of the main beam delaminated. The area also suffered some outer skin and core damage. Considering the sailing conditions in the Southern Ocean, skipper Cam Lewis deemed it prudent to proceed to Cape Town South Africa.

“We are bothered by this setback,” said Cam, “but we are determined to press on and get back in The Race.” The present plan is to arrive in Cape Town within three days and effect the necessary repairs to the boat. “We have been in contact with Multiplast and Gilles Ollier,” said Larry Rosenfeld. “They feel that we can repair the damage and continue in The Race.

Additionally, two crew member were injured. Michael Lundh was injured in a fall crossing the trampoline. He suffered a sprained neck and he is resting in his bunk. Jeffrey Wago suffered a bruised pelvis,when he was thrown forward in the galley. He is also resting in his bunk. ” I am not really worried about the boat, said Cam from the Southern But, I want to make certain my crew is safe and sound.”

Team Adventure is in contact with The Race Organisation and the offical Race doctor Jean Yves Chauve. Presently, Team Adventure is proceeding the 1,100 miles to Cape Town on a bearing of 070 sailing at 15 knots toward Cape Town South Africa.