But might not hold record for long

Solo sailor Zac Sunderland,18, from Marina del Rey, California hoping to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the world alone has had to postpone his 14 July homecoming, by two days, after a slow transit north along the Baja Peninsula. However his record will not stand for long.

His rival, Mike Perham, 17, is due home in the UK at the end of July. Mike will also have completed a solo circumnavigation when he gets back to Portsmouth.

Zac reported:”Last night as I was sending off my blog my AIS alarm went off showing that I had a ship 30 miles off. Its track looked like it would pass a few miles off. I finished sending off my blog just as the 16 mile alarm went off. The track
still showed that it would pass well clear so I set the alarm for 4 miles and
went to get some sleep thinking that it would pass clear of Intrepid.

“A few minutes later, the alarm went off again. The ship must have altered
course after passing Guadalupe Island and now was headed directly at me. I hit
the data button on the AIS and saw that the ship’s name was Maersk Kure and it
was going 19 knots which is really fast for a container ship.”

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