Monitor your ray-catching

A self-monitoring device that helps sunbathers protect themselves from harmful UV rays has been launched. The manufacturers claim it will help the nine out of ten Brits that have suffered from painful sun burn.

SunGuard Personal Protection UV Meter provides measures of UV rays, enabling people to automatically calculate acceptable sun exposure times.

The device, which can be worn as a wristwatch, pendulum or as a collar pin, issues a warning alarm if the sun exposure level is exceeded, indicating it is time to apply additional sun cream, or cover up and find shade.

Research indicates that 68 per cent of consumers are confused by the duration of protection offered by sun creams and misunderstand how long they can stay in the sun without re-application. Rates for malignant melanoma, which is the most serious type of skin cancer, top 10,000 each year.

SunGuard Personal Protection UV Meter costs £19.95 and is available to order at> or by calling the free helpline on 0808 168 0404.

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