Sir R K-J struggles with heavy Southern seas

Yacht Saga Insurance
Fri 9th February 2007
Lat 50 09S Long 132 58W
Miles To Norfolk, USA: 9301 nm
Distance In 24 Hours: 265.5 nm
Average Speed In 24 Hours: 11.06 knots

“A day of strong winds, Force 6-7, and a large SW’ly swell. Another front will come over tonight with 35 kts of wind (Force 8) according to the Kiwi forecast. SAGA INSURANCE gets thrown about a lot in these conditions, which is tiring, and the deck is frequently washed.”

“Been in oilies all day waiting the moment to reduce sail which will probably come soon, Murphy’s Law says after dark. The dark rain clouds are forming to windward now. Not much else you can do except keep everything running and doze. You can watch the waves for hours, observe their enormous power, marvel at the way the boats rides them, but wish they were a bit smaller and the wind a tad lighter. RKJ”