Sir R K-J struggling with lack of weather data

Yacht Saga Insurance
Wednesday 24th January 2007
Lat 47 02S Long 138 08E
Miles To Norfolk: 11,905 nm
Distance In 24 Hours: 213.4 nm
Average Speed In 24 Hours: 8.89 knots

“A long night, with frequent squalls, waiting for the wind to veer. Even with 3rd reef and storm jib SAGA INSURANCE still hardened up in the squalls so I was steering a lot of the time, but by push button! The wind appeared to veer just after dawn so I gybed, but from 140 degrees we could only make 50 on the other gybe so something wrong there and I don’t think we gybed on a wind shift.”

“It is due to go NW to-day and then W or SW when an approaching front comes along tonight or tomorrow with gale force winds so am staying heading NE waiting. We are dodging all over the place on wind shifts because I can no longer download the detailed weather.”

“It was cold last night, but got the cabin warmed when I charged the batteries, dozing on the navigation bench fully clothed. The pilots use a lot more power in these large swell and sea conditions. I saw the Comet clearly last night, descending to the SSW with a tail 10 degrees long!”

“I found the reservoir of the hydraulic pilot nearly empty and oil everywhere. Refilled the reservoir but have not found a leak which is to-day’s worry. Also I do not seem to receiving the fleet positions properly so have no idea were the others are since yesterday. RKJ”

Picture: Wolf Marloh