28-year-old from South Wales to arrive next week

A solo transatlantic rower has land in his sights after a record-breaking bid lasting more than 60 days. 28-year-old Rob Munslow from Monmouth, South Wales, started his attempt to row solo and unsupported across the north Atlantic from St John’s, Canada on June 27. He hopes to cross the Scilly Isles finish line this Wednesday after a difficult and frustrating journey:

‘Its been pretty emotional. Since day 41, I have been within 300 miles of land but the weather has been pushing me away. In a rowing boat you are in the lap of the gods.’

During the row Rob’s boat has capsized twice and he has survived by collecting rain water since his freshwater-making machine broke down. On refusing the opportunity to take water off a passing ship he commented: ‘I have no regrets whatsoever that I didn’t take it, I wanted to do it unsupported.’ His mind is now firmly set on the shore-comforts in sight: ‘I am looking forward to a shave – I’ve got a beard now – and a shower!’

Mr Munslow, who is raising funds for the Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice in Cardiff and Trinity Hospice in south London through his endeavours, was inspired to make the voyage after reading about Tom McClean, the first man to row the Atlantic solo in 1969. He said: ‘I was trying to beat a record of 55 days, I think it’s now day 64 or 65.’ Supporters are now studying the rule book to see if he could set his own record by not requiring assistance when he approaches the shore.