Jessica Watson prepares for record

The man who donated a yacht for (Australian) 16-year-old Jessica Watson’s solo
around-the-world record attempt agrees with family groups that a regular
teenager shouldn’t embark on such an arduous trip alone. But Watson is no
regular teenager, according to Australian adventurer Don McIntyre. Indeed
McIntyre, a veteran of 40 years’ sailing experience, said the Sunshine Coast
schoolgirl reminded him of another ambitious teenager he mentored – Jesse

Family groups were quick to question the wisdom of Watson’s attempt to become
the youngest person to sail solo non-stop around the world, saying it was
“irresponsible”. Watson recently announced she would leave Brisbane in
September and cover the 23,000-nautical mile voyage in eight months, ensuring
she breaks the record set by fellow Australian Martin in 1999 at 18.

“I tend to agree with them (family groups) entirely,” McIntyre said. “If,
and only if, it was your average 16-year-old girl who just jumped off the bed,
left her Barbie dolls behind and left on a boat to sail around the world. It
would be a total disaster. But fortunately that is not the case.” reports: AAP and Sydney Morning Herald.