Dismasted PRB skipper asks for time allowance

After sustaining damage to his rigging during Jean Le Cam’s rescue operation Vincent Riou, skipper of PRB, has asked the Chairman of the Vendee Globe International Jury, for a time allowance.

Riou said he could could not be held responsible for the damage to his yacht during Le Cam’s rescue. PRB was dismasted on 7th January after a temporary repair failed following one of PRB’s spreaders striking the capsized yacht of Le Cam.

Within a reasonable time frame it would be impossible for Riou to find a replacement mast nor could one be sourced and delivered within reasonable time period.

Consequently, Riou has therefore requested that his boat continues to be scored, as is regularly the case in international racing, when a skipper falls victim to damage and/or is materially prejudiced by something beyond his or her control.

As chief representative of the International Jury, Bernard Bonneau has indicated that this subsequent incident in no way affects the jury’s decision to agree to listen to this case and meanwhile has asked the race directors to indicate that PRB and her skipper are RDG (Redress Granted).

In simple terms this means that, in theory, Redress is Granted, but that the precise details have not yet been considered. Until the decision of the jury is known PRB will remain ranked in the official race standings.