Sir Robin predicts 1800 GMT departure this evening

‘We plan to leave at about 2 o’clock local time today, (1800 GMT). The wind will dictate whether we need a tow or not. If the wind is from the East I might need a tow down the Channel, but if it is from the West we’ll be all right. It was a bas**rd getting into the Channel, I was really quite worried at one stage. It was really blowing when we came in, but right now there’s no wind at all! We’ve fixed pretty much everything and the boat’s in OK shape. We’re just finishing off installing the iridium phone, fixed the headboard car and the batten car and the fleet is working again, so we’ re looking good.”

“My body feels a bit strange from having a whole night’s sleep but it has probably been good for me. We took the guys that helped us out for dinner last night, they have been really fantastic. If anyone ever needs any help getting into Ushuaia, then I would thoroughly recommend Jonathan Selby and Roxanna Diax from Xaxero Marine, they have been truly fabulous. It has been a good, worthwhile stop and I’m now going to hunt the others down. Dalton has stopped in the Falklands, so Unai is my focus. But he has been sailing fast this leg. I’m the hunter and they are the hunted! And that’s just the way I like it! I’ll be able to relax a little more when I’m clear of Tiera del Fuego. RKJ’