Less than 200 miles to go until Saga's Velux days are over

As Sir Robin Knox-Johnston predicted yesterday, the wind has finally moved into the north, bringing SAGA onto an easterly heading at dawn this morning. At 0532 UTC Knox-Johnston was sailing parallel to the Spanish coast, 70 miles offshore.

Although upwind sailing has now ceased and the wind direction is favourable, the breeze has dropped and SAGA is sailing off the wind averaging 8 knots. With 168 miles of the Velux 5 Oceans race remaining for the British solo pensioner, this pace may pick up as the wind builds throughout today.

In fourth place, Unai Basurko trails Knox-Johnston by 185 miles this morning as the Basque sailor continues racing due east at 9 knots, just above the latitude of Cape Finisterre, heading directly towards Spain’s Atlantic coast 70 miles ahead of his Open 60. Weather models indicate that Pakea is currently in 16 knots of NNE breeze which will allow Basurko to slip around the north-west corner of Spain for a fast, downwind sprint along the coast towards Bilbao 353 miles to the east.