SAGA overtakes Spanish Velux entrant

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Friday 16th February 2007
Lat 55 49S Long 086 03W
Miles To Norfolk, USA: 7,579 nm
Distance In 24 Hours: 237.1
Average Speed In 24 Hours: 9.88 knots

Sir Robin Knox Johnston has taken 3rd place in the Velux 5 Oceans race and is continuing to pull away. He overtook the Spanish sailor Unai Basurko last night and has since put a 41 mile gap between them. Sir Robin has been sticking close to Basurko, so that he could make the most of the same weather patterns rather then risk him getting more favourable winds and running away. As Sir Robin is still unable to download weather information, it is impossible for him to race independently, so his tactic has been to stick close and then hopefully block the Spaniard. Graham Dalton is behind Unai Basurko in 5th and 70 miles behind SAGA.

“Got past Unai at last, so am lying 3rd, at least for the time being. That tough Basque won’t give up easily. We were only about 30 miles apart at one stage yesterday but nothing heard on VHF. Dalton said he had broken two fingers, which must be awful apart from reducing performance. He also said he cannot wear gloves as a result. I have not worn gloves as yet as I find if you don’t you hands seem to pump more blood to themselves and keep warmer. Also it has not been as cold as I remember 38 years ago, but we are later in the summer his time. So SAGA and I are now focused on the approach to Cape Horn. Wind up a bit, Force 7 with gusts to 8 so reduced sail. RKJ”