Art exhibition hits the Thames next month

London’s first annual art exhibition on the River Thames will take place later this year.

From the 26th September to the 19th October, the show will see seven installations being placed in the river and along its banks and bridges between Blackfriars Bridge and Tower Bridge.

The installations include the recreation of the old Blackfriars Railway Bridge through laser light, mythical creatures swimming in the river at twilight, and the sounds of a phantom beach echoing around the Millennium Bridge.

A yacht caught for posterity in the sinking position will also be featured and installed for the exhibition’s duration at Canary Wharf. Audiences will have the chance to become part of a painting at an installation in the middle of the river across from the Tate Modern. And people walking along the river banks will come across an installation where fantastical plant life will appear to be invading and colonising a river buoy.

A series of free public boat tours will be provided to bring people along the exhibition route and enable them to enjoy the installations at close range. An educational programme will also be run alongside the show.

For more information visit the Drift 08 website