A new accreditation scheme has been launched to help sailors identify clubs, training centres and marine businesses which are cutting their use of single use plastic

Sailors will now be able to identify businesses, clubs and training centres which are eliminating single use plastic items from their activities, following the launch of a new accreditation scheme.

The Single Use Plastic Free Accreditation is being run by The Green Blue and the Final Straw Foundation, which have partnered on the initiative.

Aimed at inland and marine clubs, training centres and boating businesses, the new standard will highlight the responsible and innovative products and practices by organisations in the recreational boating industry.

There are three levels of certification for organisations to rise through: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Each level is determined by the organisation’s dedication to eliminating single use plastic items.

Single Use Plastic Free Accreditation logo

Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation can be given


Suggestions can include the removal of plastic cutlery, sustainable toilet rolls and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Depending on which level a club, training centre or business achieves, it will then be able to promote their certification with the accreditation’s logo, which they can add to their business credentials.

A list of all the participating companies achieving a certification will also be added to both environmental ambassador websites, making it easier for recreational boaters to make informed decisions when planning their next shopping trip.

Clubs, centres and boating businesses that are keen to reduce their single-use plastic footprint can find the full Single Use Plastic Free Accreditation criteria and guidance by visiting: finalstrawcertified.org

Commenting on the scheme’s launch at the 2021 Southampton Boat Show,  The Green Blue campaign manager, Kate Fortnam, said: ‘The launch of the Single Use Plastic Free Accreditation is all about working with the recreational boating community and showcasing the fantastic work that many clubs, centres and boating businesses are already implementing and encouraging others that may be interested but maybe aren’t yet sure how to proceed.

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‘Launching the accreditation at the Southampton International Boat Show has been a great opportunity to raise awareness to boating businesses, marinas, clubs and individuals of the alternative boating practices available, and how they can play a role in increasing sustainable boating behaviours,’ she said.

The CEO and founder of the Final Straw Foundation, Bianca Carr, said it firmly believed that ‘businesses, recreational boaters and all water users of our waterways and oceans have a responsibility to lead the way with sustainability.’

‘It’s vital that we learn to reduce the potential for pollution whilst creating best practices for others to follow. We hope this accreditation plays a key part in making those changes and will be hugely successful,’ she added.

The Green Blue is a joint environment programme between the RYA and British Marine to encourage a more sustainable recreational boating sector.

To find out more about The Green Blue visit www.thegreenblue.org.uk