Molotov cocktails and water cannon drive attackers away

A Chinese ship’s crew has successfully defended itself against pirates off the coast of Somalia.

The crew of the Zhenua 4 fought back after the ship was seized by pirates on Wednesday, shortly after the UN Security Council authorised countries to pursue the renegades by land as well as by air.

Nine pirates armed with rocket launchers and machine guns boarded the ship. The vessel’s 30 crew members fought for four hours with home-made incendiary bombs and beer bottles, said an official with China Maritime Search and Rescue Centre.

“Seven of the nine pirates landed on our ship, all with weapons,” Peng Weiyuan, the captain of Zhenhua 4 said.

“Our crew, who had been well trained and prepared, used water cannon, self-made incendiary bombs, beer bottles and anything else that could be used to battle with them. Thirty minutes later, the pirates gestured to us for a ceasefire.”