Britain's biggest brig - a new tall ship for Britain's youth, has arrived at Weymouth to a cannon's salute.

The Sail Training Association (STA), the world’s largest sail training organisation, is proud to announce that the building of the first of their two new Tall Ships, the 195ft. (59.4 metres) Brig, STAVROS S. NIARCHOS, has been completed.

STAVROS S NIARCHOS, Britain’s biggest brig, set sail from Avonmouth, and has arrived at Weymouth to a cannon’s salute. This was the first of several training voyages for officers who will be experiencing sailing for the first time on a square rigged ship rather than the l 50ft Topsail Schooners SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL and MALCOLM MILLER the new Brigs will replace.

The STA praised the ship’s abilities and handling in the gale force conditions that were experienced on it’s maiden voyage. On Sunday 20th, the ship will leave Weymouth bound for Dartmouth, with a fresh crew of officers, who will be working aloft over 100 ft above the deck.

STAVROS S NIARCHOS, a magnificent square-rigged ship, has been built to continue to provide a personal development experience for Britain’s young men and women. Since 1966, when the first of the STA’s Tall Ships SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL was commissioned, over 60,000 young people have taken part in challenging voyages which sail up to 1,000 miles and visit two or three foreign ports during a two-week period.

After 32 years’ service, MALCOLM MILLER was decommissioned in December l999. SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL will be decommissioned at the end of this year.