More shark 'sightings' on the British coast leave holidaymakers worried

Debate is raging over possible ‘Jaws’ sightings in Cornwall this month, with some experts admitting that it is possible that a Great White Shark could have made its way to English waters, and others dismissing the idea entirely.

After holidaymaker Richard Fletcher filmed a shark breaching in the water near a pod of dolphins close to Porthmeor Beach in St Ives on Saturday, fears have been raised that holiday makers will stay away from the water.

The Sun newspaper today used this holiday snap, apparently showing a shark swimming behind bathers at Westcome beach, near the village of Kingston last weekend. Meanwhile, a dead porbeagle shark washed ashore at Cornwall last Saturday, 28 July. Measuring 5ft (1.5m), the juvenile shark, found at Gunwalloe on the Lizard, may have died after being caught in fishing gear.

Picture: The Sun