A national campaign to raise awareness and increase understanding of the sea

Sea Vision UK Forum – 24th November 2005

The Sea Vision UK forum will take place at the Regent’s Park College Conference Centre in London on 24th November 2005.

Sea Vision UK is the national campaign to raise awareness and increase understanding of the sea, the value of the wider maritime sector and to attract the best young people to participate in maritime activities and careers.

The forum will begin with a review of Sea Vision UK and Sea Britain 2005 and then break out into separate discussion groups. The groups will cover the following topics:
Skills – the development of a National Maritime Skills Forum and how to address the skills shortage in the maritime sector.

Education (Engaging with Schools) – an overview of national and local educational concepts that link maritime with schools, colleges and youth groups. This will include examples of the use of tools available and discussion of how maritime organisations and industry can better interact with schools.

Activities – an overview of Sea Vision activity over the past year and discussion on participation in future events and activities. The group will discuss the benefits and pitfalls associated with different events and look at the value of attending non-maritime focused events.

Partnering and the legacy of SeaBritain 2005 – what do partners get out of involvement in Sea Vision and SeaBritain? A discussion on the benefits of active involvement in the campaigns – with presentations from partners that have found involvement useful – and a look at what lessons Sea Vision can learn from the success of SeaBritain 2005 .

The Forum will conclude with a closing address from the Sea Vision patron, HRH The Princess Royal.

For further details please contact John Firth (020 7417 2888) or email john.firth@british-shipping.org.