Michael Perham, 14, crosses Atlantic and goes back to class

Schoolboy Michael Perham, 14, has entered the record books by becoming the
youngest person to sail across the Atlantic single-handed. But now the youngster faces returning to his study books at Chancellor’s School in Hertfordshire which allowed him time off for the record bid.

Michael from Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, ended his 3,500-mile
voyage when he sailed into Nelson’s Dockyard on the Caribbean island
of Antigua yesterday.

The teenager, who has endured more than six weeks at sea, set off an orange collision flare on Christmas Eve to celebrate the festive season. He also practiced learning to play the guitar while at sea!

Michael, who has been sailing since he was seven, set off on his
voyage from Gibraltar on November 18. His father, Peter, an experienced yachtsman, has been
shadowing the trip and was in regular radio contact with his son.
Michael was expected to finish his voyage on Tuesday but a problem
with a sail on the 28ft boat delayed his arrival in Antigua by 24

He was inspired to attempt the record-breaking journey after watching
the previous record being set. Sebastian Clover, 15, from the Isle of
Wight, sailed from the Canary Islands to Antigua in January 2003.

To follow the voyage see his website