French shoal appears in Deauville

Yachting Monthly reader Gareth Peaston has issued the following warning to mariners:

Approaching Deauville (Normandy) on Monday 20th of August, 2007 as part of a rally of 30 plus boats my yacht draft 2.0 metres,  touched the bottom twice (fortunately without apparent damage,)  approximately 1 hour before local high water, in the vicinity of the Iso. Green Lt. at the end of the western breakwater. 

At the time of touching the bottom my boat was only slightly to starboard of the channel centre-line, where according to charted depths and tidal height there was more than enough water for a safe transit.  Subsequent viewing of the harbour entrance at low water shows the entrance channel to be heavily silted in this area,  with a severe restriction to the channel width.  There also appears to be significant silting occurring alongside the Jetee Est which makes the navigable channel an unmarked dog leg.
Seven other participants of the Rally also touched the bottom in the same area when approaching the harbour with one unfortunately loosing part of his rudder.  During our stay one French yacht was badly damaged against the breakwater after grounding and subsequently becoming disabled. 

One local fishing boat was even report aground on this shoal patch.  I know that the Deauville Yacht Club have made representation to the Town Council regarding this channel silting however in the mean time and in the interest of safety to all mariners,  I would be grateful if you would publish this information.