Adult participation programme boosts numbers

The number of dinghy, windsurfing and powerboat instructors in England has risen by almost 1,500 in the last year.

The rise comes since the launch of the RYA‘s Adult Participation Programme, funded through Sport England, which aims to increase and develop the number of adults regularly sailing and windsurfing.

Since beginning the project in 2009, the RYA has contracted 49 regional club coaches to work alongside regional development officers helping clubs with planning, organisation, volunteers, training courses and organising windsurfing and instructor days.

Graham Manchester, head of the Adult Participation Programme, said: ‘We are delighted with these new figures.

‘They show that clubs are investing in their volunteers through instructor training courses.

‘These volunteers are then helping to raise the opportunities and quality of on-water sessions run at clubs across England.

‘We believe we are building strong foundations through supporting the volunteers within clubs which will result in adults having more opportunities to sail and sail more often.’

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