Solent Protection Society meets to discuss ferry plan

Following the announcement last December by the Solent Protection Society that it has registered its objection to the introduction of the proposed larger ferries on the Lymington to Yarmouth route, the Society organized a Briefing Meeting of principal parties to further consider the situation.

The Briefing Meeting, held in Lymington on 22nd April, was attended by over 60 invitees and chaired by Peter Nicholson, President of the Society. Introducing the meeting he said “We have been regularly consulting with the various parties concerned and felt that a meeting of all the key players to discuss the issues would be appropriate”.

In summing up the discussions at the end of the meeting the Chairman of the Council said “It is clear that the next phase of the Risk Assessment will be critical in clarifying the potential environmental and safety impacts of the new ferries and the Society will continue to be proactive in the process”.

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