Van Den Heede takes four days off record

Jean Luc Van Den Heede (FRA) crossed the finish line south of the Isle of Wight, Great Britain 7 days, 8 hours and 47 minutes after he left to sail Round Britain and Ireland on his solo record attempt.

The 26 metre aluminum Adrien crossed the finish line at 0852 hours, meaning Van den Heede covered the 1,787nm 4 days, 4 hours and 29 minutes faster than the previous solo monohull record holder.

Despite smashing this time Van den Heede and Adrien narrowly missed out on the Round Britain and Ireland crewed monohull record of 7 days, 4 hours and 46 minutes.

Van den Heede and Adrien make a very successful partnership. They already hold the Round the World, non stop, single-handed, westbound record and the Cowes to Dinard, monohull, single-handed record, which they set last November.