Online race game

Sign up with Virtual Regatta this week, and you can sail online against one of the world’s greatest sailors,Loick Peyron, in a rematch of his most famous race, LaBaule – Dakar, a challenging course from France, past the Canary Islands and Cape Verde, to finish off the coast of Senegal in Africa.

The registration fee is 19.90 Euros, 1 Euro of every registration going to Peyron’s favoured charity, Matelots de la Vie. Scuttlebutt Europe will match that donation for anyone signing up using the URL below, thus doubling your contribution to this worthy charity to 2 Euros.

There is a 30,000 Euro prize pool that will be divided up amongst any sailors who beat Peyron. If you are the only one, or one of just a few, your summer wine choices will certainly rise by a few stars…

The race starts this Friday at 11 AM French time.

For information on the charity, see