Disabled, determined and with a world record in her sights

Hilary Lister, a quadriplegic sailor from Kent, has launched the boat in
which she will make her attempt to become the first ever quadriplegic to
sail solo across the English Channel.

Able to move only her head, eyes and mouth she will have to overcome
severe physical pain to navigate her boat unaided through one of the
busiest and most treacherous shipping lanes in the world.

The UK Sailing Academy (UKSA) have ensured that Hilary has undergone
the necessary training and made the specific modifications to the boat
needed for an attempt of this kind.

While undertaking the challenge, Hilary, although unaided will be followed
by a support vessel run by her sponsor, Pindar, supported by volunteer
members from her yacht club.

Hilary will make her attempt on August 15, and if successful, will enter
the record books for completing the world’s longest solo sail by a quadriplegic.