Transmission times change

Portland Coastguard has issued revised guidance regarding their Maritime Safety Information (MSI) Broadcasts.

Mariners in the waters covered by Portland Coastguard should note the transmition times for their M.S.I. Broadcast will be the following UTC times:

02.20   –   06.20   –   10.20   –   14.20   –   18.20   –   22.20   hours  UTC.

The broadcast will be preceeded by an announcement on VHF Ch 16, which will direct you to the appropriate (clearest) VHF Channel.

Ch 84  from the transmitter at Grove, on Portland Bill. 

Ch 23  from the transmitter at Bincleaves, Weymouth.

Ch 86  from the transmitter at Beer Head, Lyme Bay.

Ch 23  from the transmitter at Hengistbury Head, Christchurch.

The M.S.I. Broadcast, which includes vital weather forecasts and navigation warnings, is recorded in advance of the transmission, and then broadcast at the appropriate times.

Portland Coastguard does not keep a listening watch on Ch 67 or Ch 73, but continues to monitor VHF Ch16 for Distress and Urgency calls. Routine Calls on VHF Ch 16 will be directed to an alternative working Channel. 

If your vessel is fitted with a VHF Digital Selective Calling  (DSC)  radio you can call Portland Coastguard direct on  MMSI  002320012,  which you should programme into your radio’s memory.

Queries should be addressed to the staff at Portland Coastguard on 01305 760439.