Goss raises the flag for charity

Ocean yachtsman Pete Goss has given a boost to the profile of the Cornwall Playing for Success Charity, which he is promoting through his entry in the two-handed Round Britain and Ireland yacht race with Paul Larsen. But the latest hair-raising venture wasn’t on water, it was just a quick trip to the North Pole!

Pete planted the Playing for Success flag at the North Pole when he and team mate Alan Chambers MBE led a team of enthusiastic amateurs to the top of the world.

The team have battled against very strong and freezing-cold winds (minus
27 degrees), which caused occasional ‘white-outs’ and made the going very
slow through the soft snow – at one point the team covered just 0.7 miles
in two hours. Drifting currents also saw them lose much of what they had
gained as they floated away from their goal each night, but some good
days’ sledge-pulling later saw them make good progress towards the Pole.

Pete and Alan are now on their way back to the Pole with a second group of
intrepid explorers. You can follow their progress via the website at: