Salvage of Groupama 3 underway off NZ

The crew of capsized round the world trimaran Groupama 3 arrived at the wreckage site early this morning (French time), to attempt to salvage their craft.

“According to what I’ve seen” commented navigator Yves Parlier, “from the video footage shot by journalists flying over Groupama 3 on two occasions today, operations are going well. The mast is in three pieces and this and the forward part of the port float have become separated from the boat. The guys are busying themselves with the aft section of the float, which is trapped under the central hull.”

“It would be hard to imagine better weather conditions, despite a long residual swell, which must be hindering their progress”
Parlier concludes: “I don’t have much direct contact with the boat but I imagine they’ve got a lot of other things to do. They’re doing a great job and aren’t taking a minute’s respite as they’re keen to right Groupama 3 before nightfall”.

You can watch video of the proceedings here