Sailing schoolboy 'puts on the brakes'

The 17-year-old Potters Bar schoolboy Michael Perham is making better than expected progress in his bid to become the world’s youngest ever circumnavigator. He is now slowing down so that he can arrive at the finish line off The Lizard as scheduled on Thursday morning. Mike needs to average 6 knots to arrive on time and the remnants of Hurricane Bill are surfing him in at speeds well into double figures at times, as his video blog shows.

‘Hurricane Bill is really kicking in now,’ wrote Mike this morning. ‘The wind has built up to around 40 knots and it is still increasing up hour by hour. The cold front that will deliver the biggest punch will pass through between midnight and 4am and that’s certainly going to give me a good kick up the backside!

‘So this morning (Tuesday), I was in slow mode and, for the first time ever this trip I was actually pleased to see I was only travelling at five knots in a good breeze. I’m still ahead of schedule, so I need to slow down even more tomorrow. I’ve currently got a handkerchief size of sail up but just wants to go and there’s no stopping her! She’s currently doing around 9.5 knots, but I’m sure she’ll slow down quite a bit tomorrow morning. I only need to average 6knots to cross the line on Thursday morning, so I’ll really have to put the brakes on tomorrow.

‘Everything is getting really, really exciting for the crossing of the line and also for the homecoming at Gunwharf Quays on Saturday at 11am. Tonight is going to be my last chance to get some of goodish sleep as I’m certain I won’t get a minute’s peace tomorrow, what with all the crazy shipping running up and down the English Channel. So although it’s blowing a really good gale outside, I need to make to most of tonight to get in some good zzzz?’

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Click on the image below to see Mike’s video blog of with the brakes definitely off.