Sailing school on the hunt for boats

An RYA sailing school is hoping to lure yacht owners into lending their boats by offering to cover all their annual costs, including maintenance, mooring and insurance.

First Class Sailing will officially launch the scheme at the London Boat Show in January, where they hope to attract yacht owners with potential savings of more than £10,000 a year.

Managing director Charlie Tulloch insists that ‘there is no significant difference in selling price between a managed yacht and a private yacht of a similar age’ and ‘the benefit of having all maintenance carried out professionally, all costs covered and potential generation of income far, far outweigh any small difference in eventual selling price.’

The free scheme is aimed at new or nearly new yacht owners between 36 and 45ft with two separate stern cabins and the option of berths in the saloon.

Ideal brands are Jeanneau, Beneteau, Dehler or Hallberg-Rassy, although any modern production boat will be considered.

When the owner is not using the boat First Class Sailing could use the boat for teaching on up to 65 days a year.

After that, an income will be paid to the owner for every day the boat is used.

Mr Tulloch said: ‘Our new boat ownership scheme is the ideal way for boat owners to reduce their costs whilst still enjoying all the benefits of sailing their own yacht.

‘It’s also a great way for newcomers to the boating scene who want to trial owning a boat without all the hassle of maintenance and the running costs.

‘The increased usage of the boat also benefits the equipment. Winches,
deck blocks and rope clutches are less likely to seize up if used regularly and
diesel engines benefit from being used more too.’

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